Upper East Side


Our properties are located predominantly on the Upper East Side. We have a few buildings around the downtown Manhattan area and Midtown.

The type of apartment ranges from studio to two bedroom duplex. We work closely with our superintendents and contractors, as well as get to know our tenants so that we are able to accommodate their needs and maintain a pleasant environment in and out of the buildings.

200 W 18th St. 244 E 60th St. 324/326 E 84th St.
512 E 88th St. 520 E 84th St. 205-215 E 88th St.
1501 First Ave. 225 E 84th St. 18 E 63rd St.
1366 York Ave. 239 E 77th St. 1601/1603 York Ave.
1322 Second Ave. 1324 Second Ave.

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