Upper East Side

Co-op Information

Co-op Apartments

  • 244 E 60th St.

  • 511 E 82nd St.

  • 205-215 E 88th St.

  • 18 E 63rd St.

  • 510 E. 84th St.

  • 168 E 90th St.

  • 170 E 90th St.

  • 172 E 90th St.

Co-op Information

When altering or renovating the apartment, you must obtain the following:

  1. A signed alteration agreement.

  2. A check in the amount of $1,500, made payable to the co-op that owns the property. This is the co-op's refundable security deposit.

  3. The contractor's certificate of insurance naming the co-op, Paley Management Corp., and yourself as additionally insured.

  4. A copy of the plumber's license, if applicable.

  5. A copy of the electrician's license, if applicable.

  6. A signed Indemnification Coverage form. (Each of the contractors you hire must sign.)


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